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Multicoin Capital On The Path To 10X Investments

What is the difference between an east coast and west coast crypto hedge fund? What countries are surprisingly active in the crypto space? What multiple does the fund shoot for when considering an investment?

I interviewed Kyle Samani, the co-founder and Managing Partner of Multicoin Capital on this and much more in today's edition of The Blockchain Brief video series. 

Multicoin is one of the first hedge funds in the space, leading investments in some of the most exciting blockchain projects. The Multicoin team regularly publishes excellent content in the form of analysis, and I've been an avid reader since the release of the 0x analysis and valuation back in December of 2017. Kyle is also very active and thought provoking on Twitter, and I highly recommend you follow him there.

Listen to the end to hear (for the first time) which pre-ICO company Kyle just invested in.

Boris Revsin