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Exclusive Interview: RightMesh Founder John Lyotier

[TL;DR: The RightMesh Founder/CEO Interview]

There are currently over 4 billion people in the world that do not have internet access. In June of 2016 the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution that declared internet access as a basic human right.  However, the question remains…how do we accomplish such an ambitious goal?
Both Google and Facebook are taking aerial approaches to solve this problem. Google (Project Loon) is deploying massive balloons to the edge of space and Facebook (Aquila) is launching drones the size of Boeing 787’s. Both are designed to extend internet connectivity to people in rural and remote areas of the world.
I am glad you asked. Enter a company we've mentioned before: RightMesh – The world’s first software-based, mobile mesh networking platform using blockchain technology and proprietary MESH tokens to truly connect the unconnected.

For months, my business partner Boris has been talking about the RightMesh solution for greater connectivity and how it can change the world. This is a project you won't want to miss.
At The Blockchain Brief, we seek to bring exclusive information and analysis to our readers. By leveraging access to you guys, our awesome audience, we're able to speak to founders and engineers that are really hard to reach. Thank you for making this possible for us, and everyone else.

I was able to catch up with John Lyotier (Founder/CEO) of RightMesh for a Blockchain Brief video interview. As you know, we normally try and keep videos to under 10 minutes however I was simply so fascinated by John’s story and the passion for the project he is working on, that we ran over. It’s absolutely worth a listen from start to finish - video and/or audio.

Enjoy the video here: