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The Myths of Cryptocurrency (An Infographic from CoinCentral)

I am a big believer that visual representations of information can be quite compelling. In general, I find that a well designed infographic can relay information and reinforce ideas far better than just text on a page.

Which is why when I ran into the CoinCentral infographic below, I knew I had to share it with our readers. I asked our friends at CoinCentral if they were cool with it, and got the go-ahead to reproduce it here.

I use this as a handy guide to remind myself of the following:

  • Big market cap coin all time highs (ATH). XRP was at $3.84. God bless you CNBC for showing your readers how to buy it on the day it peaked, the day after The Blockchain Brief was sounding the alarm.
  • What states have done what on the regulation front. Arizona is leading the pack: blockchain based digital signatures are legally binding in the state. Do you, Arizona!
  • On the other hand the infographic reminds me that South Korea has "banned" exchanges. While at the same time top execs are fire-selling their crypto holdings. Except wait, they fire-sold the crypto before releasing the "ban" news. I wonder if they sell Nano's in prison?

Enjoy the infographic... and hat tip to CoinCentral: