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Boris's Top 5 Twitter Accounts of 2017

An attempt at simplifying blockchain concepts, companies, and coins.

The last couple of years may not have been kind to Twitter the company -- with a poorly performing stock and conjecture that the social media giant is losing its relevancy -- but it's been hugely influential when it comes to crypto.

There is no better, more important place for crypto investors to keep an eye on than Twitter. If you follow the right accounts, you'll be rewarded by being one of the first to hear about exciting new ICOs, major partnerships, revealed scams, and exchange security threats. 

But crypto-Twitter is also the home of racist memes, idiotic pump and dump schemes, and over-blown hysteria (known as Fear Uncertainty and Doubt -- FUD).

I follow dozens of excellent crypto Twitter personalities. Below, I
discuss five of my favorite from 2017.

@lopp (Jameson Lopp): Jameson is an engineer and entrepreneur who has been a mainstay of the crypto scene for some time. His posts are a cross between solid dry humor and important opinions. This is required following if you want an honest take that is bullish on crypto but honest about the problems in the space.

@twobitidiot (Ryan Selkis): Ryan is a former EiR of Consensys and was on the Founding Team of Digital Currency Group and CoinDesk. I have quoted Ryan before (specifically in my post on XRP Is Not Ripple). He is blunt, honest, and writes phenomenal long-form posts on his Medium account. He tends to be more conservative, publicly stating he is holding mostly BTC, BCH, XMR, ZEC, and a little ZRX. He is not a fan of XRP and has been discussing it often.

@AriDavidPaul (Ari Paul): Ari is the Chief Investment Officer at BlockTower Capital. They just recently raised $140M, making them one of the biggest crypto funds in the world. Ari doesn't often post investment advice, but when he does, it's important to listen. I like his approach to the game, understanding that even though crypto is awesome, it's not the only asset worth investing in (see his read on Gold). I'm a big fan of his clear and concise tweets.

@starkness (Elizabeth Stark): Elizabeth is a pioneer in the actual Blockchain "space", which makes her a unique personality on Twitter. She has done numerous presentations on her project (Lightning) which is arguably one of the more important innovations to be adopted by the leaders in the currency space. Watch her now, because when Lightning is here, she will be an even more important voice in the community.

@naval (Naval Ravikant): Naval, as the founder of AngelList, is not new to anyone in the crypto space (or any other tech space). While his tweets are not *only* about crypto, he is able to put the emerging industry into broader context within the technology ecosystem. He's an incredibly smart guy and is responsible in large part for the growth of crypto in the mainstream tech startup community.

If you want to add some perspective to your daily information gathering, make these accounts a daily stop on the crypto-Twitter train.

Boris Revsin