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Areas of Practice



Game Theory Group Fund I invests in early-stage protocol-level blockchain projects around the world. We specialize in supporting entrepreneurs at the infrastructure level.


Game Theory Group leverages years of experience in social networking, gamification and computer science to maximize highly engaged community growth. 


Game Theory Group works directly with CXOs of top blockchain projects to optimize the success of blockchain product launches. We create partnerships that provide liquidity and stability at scale.

Strategic Value Add Partners


Developer Support Group
We connect blockchain projects with developer communities and groups around the world. With our network of over a thousand developers and dozens of developer communities, we provide:
- Strategic guidance on best approaches to developer communities
- Direct introductions that lead to serious meetings
- Partnerships, negotiations and structure with developers and developer communities
- Increased project awareness and technical branding among developers and developer communities


Strategic Marketing
We have developed a wide network of media, influencers, and marketing groups that can provide a full suite of services related to marketing and adoption. 
- Relationships with top influencers and content creators with a collective 2 million plus subscribers on Youtube
- Helping to craft marketing narrative, strategy, and PR for partnering companies
- Game Theory Group is a founding member of the Crypto Media Dao and Token Tank. 
- Introductions to key media outlets and influencers that are collective in our network


Game Theory Research
Game Theory Research reviews blockchain projects, interviews management teams, and sources information from a wide variety of industry partners to produce easily digestible reports on projects worthy of consideration of consideration at the earliest of stages. 
- Research reports on top projects still under the radar and usually in seed or private sale round one
- Project ratings from a short and long term perspective as well as our teams interest level in the project
- Exclusive interviews and reports from both a business and technical perspective


Game Theory Network
Game Theory Group has developed and vetted a wide network of top providers in the industry to help build long lasting partnerships with our partners. Our network includes: 
- Top crypto exchanges globally
- Market makers
- Crypto focused funds
- Top crypto conferences