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Game Theory Research Announcement - 9/17/18

Announcing Game Theory Research. We provide short, high-quality reports that surface the information we believe is important for our audience. Information is gleaned from publicly available white papers, GitHub accounts, forum posts and social media. We also privately interview investors and founders of projects to provide exclusive information that is pertinent to our research.

Our team goes through a rigorous process to provide the most objective and complete reports to save our viewers time, effort, and bridge technological gaps. Our reports provide a complete overview of the projects and are trusted by institutional investors, exchanges and thought leaders in the space. We believe that good projects can be assessed through a review of fundamental computer science, economics, game theory and cryptography, and will benefit the industry by driving innovation.



We've helped our portfolio connect with the best.

The Game Theory Group team is headquartered in New York City, Boston and Hong Kong. We add jet-fuel to top blockchain projects by crafting, and executing, custom growth strategies for our portfolio companies. Our firm specializes in strategically aligning blockchain projects with developers, media, investors, exchanges,  and the broader community.

Our team is stacked with operational experience in early-stage growth marketing, fundraising, computer science and gamification. As founders of the blockchain industry newsletter, "The Blockchain Brief", we have a deep understanding of current and emerging trends.




Boston | New York | Hong Kong


Areas of Practice


Game Theory Group Fund I invests in early-stage infrastructure and protocol-level blockchain projects around the world. We specialize in supporting entrepreneurs at the most fundamental level.


Game Theory Group leverages years of experience in social networking, gamification and computer science to maximize highly engaged community growth. We specialize in connecting media with the top blockchain projects & crypto projects.


Game Theory Group works directly with the executives of top blockchain projects to optimize the success of blockchain product launches. We create partnerships that provide liquidity and stability at scale.


We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.
— Randy Pausch



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